perjantai 25. tammikuuta 2013

I'll never get fed up with cute nails


Soo here are finally my latest nails! I was actually planning to do these for Valentine's Day but then ended up doing these for Christmas instead. I saw these nails in a blog that doesn't exist anymore but they were just so cute and I just had to make them myself too!

I think I'll never get bored with pastel colors, especially light pink, dots, bows and other cute stuff 'u'

The nail polishes I used are quite the same as in my older nails, though the golden polish in the hearts is a new one from Budapest! The bows are again made of Cernit-clay and then painted with golden polish.

Uguu I had to remove these a while ago as they were in a horrible condition.. I liked these very much and want them back!

I should make new ones soon, but I'm kinda lacking of idea. Something cute but what else...? Do you have any idea?

Have a nice weekend!

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