perjantai 25. tammikuuta 2013

I'll never get fed up with cute nails


Soo here are finally my latest nails! I was actually planning to do these for Valentine's Day but then ended up doing these for Christmas instead. I saw these nails in a blog that doesn't exist anymore but they were just so cute and I just had to make them myself too!

I think I'll never get bored with pastel colors, especially light pink, dots, bows and other cute stuff 'u'

The nail polishes I used are quite the same as in my older nails, though the golden polish in the hearts is a new one from Budapest! The bows are again made of Cernit-clay and then painted with golden polish.

Uguu I had to remove these a while ago as they were in a horrible condition.. I liked these very much and want them back!

I should make new ones soon, but I'm kinda lacking of idea. Something cute but what else...? Do you have any idea?

Have a nice weekend!

maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

Teeny tiny roses


It's a new week so it's time for new nails! (Actually these aren't my newest nails but I haven't shown these here yet tee-hee~)

Got the inspiration from Liz Lisa's tag that had tiny tiny floral pattern in it.

These nails were kinda quick to do, I just painted the base, then drew the flowers with a toothpick and then added pearls and top coat.

They are maybe a bit simple in my opinion but still cute. Hope you like them!

Have a happy week!

torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

Sweetie-sweet Alpaca!

Hi again!

It's time for you to meet my sweet little dear Alpaca combined with my alpaca nails!
I love alpacas so much at the moment so I just had to get alpaca nails (and plushie too!).

The polishes I used are almost the same as in the last post so I don't write them here again. There was a lot of work in these as they have a lot of details (so I asked my sister for help again haha). I had to use a lot of top coat 'cause I wanted these to last but it really worked! I had these nails for about three weeks!

The 3D bow and stars are made of Cernit-clay and then just painted with nail polish. 

 If you ever have any questions about our nails, feel free to ask! It's always nice to get some comments 'u'

And thanks to Anna for the awesome idea!