maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

Basic pastels

Hellooo! Seems like I'm a little obsessed with these pastel nail polishes.. But they always look pretty.
Have a nice day!

lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

Pastels and pearls

 Hi! These nails were inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka. Or well at least that nail full of pearls :D She has had that kind of nails quite many times.

My idea was just to make something sugary and cute with pastel colors. 

Sorry for the photo.. The colors aren't that good since I had to use the flash D: But it's better than nothing!

perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

Desucon frostbite

....was in February. Oh well. But I'm gonna show these nails for you anyway.

 You see the Desucon logo there? I have to say I really like how it turned out!
And.. oh. This one little nail here has nothing to do with those Desucon nails. This is one nail of the nails I had some time ago but I wasn't 100% pleased with them so I didn't have inspiration to take the picture until.. well. There was only one nail left and all the others looked pretty worn out.
But there are lavender and beige stripes and the inspiration for these nails came from Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival in lavender. These didn't turn out as sugary as DDC but yeah no can do D:

torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2013

Creepyyeha inspired

Have you heard about Creepyyeha? That girl who makes all those garters and other cool stuff and sells her creations on storenvy. And her style is quite unique and pretty. Pastels mixed with black and studs. And other cool stuff.

But well... Even if it looks pretty good on her that's not something I would wear.
 So... I decided to make nails inspired by her!

keskiviikko 5. kesäkuuta 2013

Pretty kitty

So.. Hello! It's been a while haha but yea that's what happens if ur lazy. But today I wanna show you these nails I had like 6 months ago.. Hope you like them!