keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2012

Pastel kitty


It's cat nails time! I'm really into cat pattern in nails and clothing currently (although I don't have a single piece of clothing with a cat... I ordered one shirt about two months ago but it still hasn't arrived...) so I decided to create cutie kitty nails!

The lightning in the pictures is kinda bad so you can't see my nails very well... But anyway, in addition to Depend's white polish in the cat, I used Miss Selene's light pink and Rimmel's yellow polish. In middle finger I used Pieces's mint green. Hope u like them!

I have to admit that my little sister helped a little with the cat in my right hand.. 'u'

tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2012

Casual but cute

I have nothing to say about these.. I just picked up a couple of nice colors and pearls and hoped for a good result. I think I did quite well!

Decorations are made with white Nails Supreme nail polish. Dark blue and beige are some H&M polishes which you're probably not able to get anywhere anymore.

And yes I think we'll write in English from now on. I think there's no point in writing in Finnish when we only tell which polishes we used and some of our followers can't understand Finnish. I hope it's better like this!

And Merry Christmas! 

lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2012

Hei taas

...Ei enempää eikä vähempää kuin vajaa 4kk tauon jälkeen oho.
Mutta elossa ollaan ja kynsiäkin on tullut tehtyä yhdet jos toisetkin, joten niitä voisi alkaa tänne vähitellen taas laittamaan teille näytille :D Syynä taukoon on ollut yksinkertaisesti laiskuus.

Nämä ovat siis vanhimmat, joita en ole tänne laittanut :D Ideana mattalakka, jolla sai aika hauska näköistä jälkeä, kun siihen teki palloja tavallisella kirkkaalla lakalla. Ja koska lopputulos olisi ollut muuten liian tylsä, lisäsin edellisten kynsien puput ja tähdet :D